Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tuesday Night

My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my lungs hurt.

I knew I would regret last night´s partying in the morning and I have definately not been proven wrong.

It all started with an evil little call which reached me as I was leaving the office last night. I was 7:30 (surprisingly early) and I was heading home for a nice home-cooked meal and a good night´s sleep. After a week of continuos drinking, my body was demanding a little rest and recuparation. Thus, when lucas invited me out for a quite drink, I was not initially too keen. However, after a couple of minutes discussing the relative merits of sleep vs. quick drink and then sleep I told him I would meet him at the Shamrock in twenty minutes. this was my first mistake.

My second mistake was, in comparison, much worst. Even as I was walking towards the bathrooms with that little package nesting in my suit pocket, I knew I should turn back.

"Just one little line, then I will finish my beer and then straight home"


Three hours, five pints and half a dozen lines later I was finally home. The problem, and there is always a problem, was that my night was not over.

Right now, I do not remember whose idea it was. All I do remember is that I picked up my phone, dialed a number and, after a couple of rings, soraya´s voice answered. I do not call escorts very often, but, then again, I do call them more often than most. I put down the phone and told Lucas that Soraya and a friend would be over in an hour or so.

When the girls got to my house forty five minutes later, an extra empty bottle of wine was sitting prettily on my table.

The next couple of hours were pleasurable ones. I will not go in to detail explaining what happened. I will leave it to your imagination. All I will tell you is that when I finally managed to kick everyone out hours later I was feeling already quite sick. The last thing I saw before gratefully closing my eyes was the blinking indicator on my alarm clock.



Anonymous Andrés....jeje said...

If you believed that the beer, the lines and the escorts are guilty of your shaked way of life.......that´s becouse you don´t know Lucas and the power of his dark shadow.

3:42 pm  

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