Thursday, September 08, 2005

After office al Opera Bay

Yesterday got a call from a friend who works at the Italian embassy. He had recently broken up with his Argentinean girlfriend and, thus, wanted to go out on the hunt. We decided to meet up after work and go to the after office at a club called Opera Bay. It is quite a posh club on Puerto Madero, a strip of clubs on the recently redeveloped harbor, which organizes, on Wednesdays a special night for people who come out of the office. It is a rigorously suit and tie gig and reminds me a lot of a trendy meat market. It is packed with Argentinean girls looking for eligible men.
We met around seven thirty in a bar on Florida where we had a couple of whiskeys before taking a taxi together to Puerto Madero. After paying the fifteen pesos entrance we pushed our way through the crowds until we reached a good vantage point form where to observe the passing girls. After another couple of drinks we decided to start trying to chat up girls. We jumped from one group of girls to the next always reciting the same made up story. We were a pair of Italians, recently arrived in Buenos Aires (in effect both of us have been living here for over a year) and that we were looking to meet new people who might be able to show us round the city. We would then chat for about twenty minutes or so, ask for their numbers and move on to the next group.
This tactic proved to be quite successful at the beginning, when we were still more or less sober, but gradually lost its effectiveness as the drinks started to take their toll. I kept getting mixed up and giving myself away by telling them I had been to a certain restaurant last month or that six months ago I had gone traveling in the south of the country.
I got home around two really far too drunk but with a respectable cache of telephone numbers and email addresses. I nearly fell asleep on the couch before managing to force myself to get undressed and get in to bed.


Blogger FatSanti said...

Why didnt you bring any of the girls home with you? You could have used your mirror!

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