Monday, September 19, 2005

Children and Drugs

A report commissioned by the Italian Parliament on drug use amongst youngsters in Italy today was released.
Authorities were alarmed by data showing that the age that kids come across cannabis for the first time has once again fallen, hitting fifteen years of age on average.
Furthermore, the study showed that 32% of 14-21 year olds smokes cannabis and 4,8% use cocaine.
Obviously the data was met with consternation and, as usual, was followed by talk of stiffer penalties, disaffected youth, etc…
When will governments realize that it would make much more sense legalizing drugs (thus taking the money out of criminal hands and making it unnecessary for kids to make contact with possibly dangerous dealers) and taxing the whole business (thus making enough money to pay for any necessary rehabilitation centers, to fund hospitals and schools, and to still have a little leftover to steal for personal use). When will they learn?!