Thursday, September 22, 2005

Drinking at la Recoleta

Yesterday I was feeling a little melancholic (as you can see form the posts) and, thus, decided to try a trick which has often worked in the past. I decided to go to la Recoleta and get drunk by my self. I do not know why or how this trick works. One would think that getting extremely drunk by oneself would be a recipe for disaster, an invitation to fall in to drunken self pity and depression. And yet, for me, it works.
La Recoletta, one of Buenos Aires´ trendiest bar areas, was heaving last night. Thousands of students were taking advantage of the fact that it was national students´ day and there were no classes. Furthermore, yesterday was the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere and people were crowding the narrow streets enjoying the mild weather. It thus took me a while to find a suitably empty bar were I could sit and drink myself stupid in total comfort. The melancholic tones of tango music were wafting trough the air from a set of speakers, mingling with the exited tones of a football match coming from a beaten up TV in the furthest corner. I sat down, gently nursing my pint of beer, watching the crowds pass by. Streams of people going by like flocks of birds, molten lights bathing the streets with their warm glow, gentle notes wafting through the air like shifting smoke. I watched it all while getting progressively ever drunker and thinking about life until, finally, drunk and tired I went home to sleep.


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Blogger tombrad said...

Ethilic alcohol, in any of its forms is the supreme medicine for soul hurts, there is no question about that. Doctors may prescribe to get drunk more often.

10:50 am  
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