Thursday, September 08, 2005

An early morning surprise

Got woken up this morning, after a night of alcohol induced sleep, by the sound of someone knocking on my front door. Managed to pull myself out of my bed and walk, more or less upright, to the door. Opening the door I find myself looking at a smart looking fifty year old woman who is smiling at me in a very mischievous way. I am incredibly confused, and a little bit flustered so it takes a full couple of seconds to remember that the new cleaning lady was supposed to come today in order for me to meet her and discuss the price and amount of hours. I tell her to sit down while I go to the bathroom to try and pull myself back together. As I shut the door I realize, to my great embarrassment that, not only have I woken up feeling particularly “happy” this morning but, also, that it is currently sticking out of my boxer shorts like a flag pole!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. She must have got a bit of a shock!

1:56 pm  

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