Thursday, September 29, 2005

Harry Pothead

Yesterday was feeling quite ill so took a day off from work and spent the afternoon at home. I took advantage of this fact to start reading the latest Harry Potter book which I had previously downloaded from the web (I aint going to spend 30 euros on a Harry potter book after all). It was relatively pleasurable, though it is getting quite repetitive, but one there was one thing that left me a little confused.
In theory, in the latest book, Harry is in his second to last year of school and thus he must be at least sixteen or seventeen. Strangely, however, there seem to be a few things lacking in his life which, in contrast, characterized my late teens: sex, drugs and hard house.
There is a total lack of any kind of sexual activity in Hogsworth. No one seems to be getting laid or even getting close. I mean, it would be more interesting if Harry and Ron spit roast Hermione or if the little elf thing starts a bondage club with the some of the crazier students. If you also add magic to the mix some very interesting things could happen. Imagine what pleasure Hermione might be able to experience with a special enchanted dildo, for example.
Furthermore, the kids at the magic school do not seem to be as interested in drugs and alcohol as the kids in my school were. Harry could use his wand to make a stunning blonde appear and then turn her in to a spliff once he has had his fun. Or imagine the popularity of the enchanted never ending beer bottle!
In conclusion Rowling should have thought longer about what teenage kids are really interested in and have written the book accordingly to make it more realistically. Lacking that you can always check this out instead.


Blogger Sheila said...

Great observation! At most there were a couple of blushes; no kissing, no masturbation, no sex on the Quidditch field, nothing!

8:12 pm  

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