Monday, September 12, 2005

Memories of a Nightmare

I dream that I am flying over the city. All my worries left behind, I soar over the tops of buildings and over parks. I glide, riding the air currents like a hawk through the skies over Rome. It reminds me of the hawks that, swirling and plunging, used to play outside my window in Hong Kong. I continue to fly over the night lights but the quality of the dream is changing and I start to fall, circling, towards the ground. I watch as the parched earth sprints closer and closer and I think I can spot the place where I will crash, brittle bones shattering, to my death. I don’t want to scream but I feel as though I must and my voice explodes around me as I near the ground.
I am in a bed. I feel impossibly hot. Sweat runs down my face like a torrent and pools up around my body, drenching the sticky sheets, which envelop me in their wrenching embrace. My sight is lost in an impassible haze and I cannot understand where I am. I try to get up but fall back helpless. I start to sink in to the mattress, which molds itself around my falling body. Darkness rushes in and I desperately try to hang on to the rapidly fading point of light in front of my eyes. I feel like crying but only sweat wets my cheeks.
Suddenly I feel a cool hand stroke my forehead and gentle hands free me of the sheets that wildly I have twisted in to ruthless manacles. I look around until, with a sigh of relief, my eyes fall upon the face I have so lovingly searched all my life. Ally. Huge blue eyes full of compassion stare back at me and a voice softly murmurs that everything will be all right. I feel silky lips touch my eyes as if inciting me to sleep and, finally at peace, I pass out.


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