Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Milan 3 - 1 Fenerbahce

Yesterday was an important day. The Champions League started yet another season and my, team, the great AC Milan was playing at home against Turkish side, Fenerbahce.

I was actually quite happy because, even though the game, due to time zones, was on at three in the afternoon (when I am in the office) they were showing it on tv at ten in the evening.

Managed to ignore all football related info for the entire day, warned all my collegues not to tell me the score and, at 7:30 headed home to watch the game blisfully unaware of the result. As I get home I cant wait until it starts. As I start taking my suit off I turn on the tv (which I had left on the BBC) and stop in horror as I hear the following words: "....and with second half goals from Schevchenko and Kak√°, Milan manage to pull of a 3-1 win against the turkish...."