Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A momentary vision

Yesterday, once again, I fell in love. Ran in to a girl who works as a receptionist at the office which I had not seen for a while. In effect I had never even talked to her but found out we had a friend in common so stopped and said hello. It was while I was chatting to her that I happened to glance staight in to her eyes at the same time as she suddenly smiled radiously. A warm soothing wave hit me like sledgehammer and my legs started to feel all wobbly. I mumbled a couple of incoherent sentences about meeting up for lunch sometime and managed to make a semi dignified escape before falling to pieces.
I couldnt stop thinking about her all day. Her big brown eyes kept swimming through my mind, distracting me, haunting me, teasing me.
I even experienced a moment of childish euphoria when our friend in common informed me, later that afternoon, that she had asked about me and inquired if I had a girlfriend. I felt as though I was once again a hormone packed teenager struck by puppy love.
A couple of other girls came round for dinner last night but I couldnt concentrate on what they were saying and, as soon as they left, started thinking about her again. I pictured my theatrical entrance this morning, greeted by her wonderful smile, her brown eyes twinkling with recognition and lust.
I woke up this morning feeling elated. Even the local weather god seemed to share my mood, and for the first time in nearly a week, the Buenos Aires sky was clear and a wonderful blue. Strolling in to the office I felt as though half a tonne of coke was rushing through my veins. Unfortunately my office is in another building but, seeing as I had to pass by herĀ“s later for a meeting, I sat down to wait. I worked all morning, even managing to avoid thinking about her too much, until the time approached for me to go to my twelve oclock meeting.
I crossed the road, took one of the smooth running elevators to the fith floor, and immediately saw her. As I walked up to where she was standing I felt light headed and unsteady but determined. A dozen more steps and I would be upon her.
Suddenly she turned around and started walking towards me. Her long supple legs swiftly eating up the short distance. I stopped, bracing myself for the encounter. She was ever closer, scant meters away. I took a deep breath and was about to say hello when, as though she was a swirling whirlwind, she brushed me aside and strode past me without so much as a single glance. She entered an elevator and before I could react the shiny metal doors closed with a mocking swish, and she was gone.
I stood there for nearly a full minute wondering what the fuck had happened until I finally pulled myself back together and walked off, resigned.


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