Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On the difficulty of writing blogs

Sitting down to write a post is a strange feeling indeed. One would like to write something beautiful or at least meaningful, something which people will read and say “How interesting!” or “How deep”. At the same time, however, one tries to write something which is also personal, somehow unique and inventive.
When I get home at night and finally take off my suit and tie, sometimes I sit on my couch listening to music and millions of thoughts chase themselves through my mind. Hundreds of brilliant ideas for new posts flash in to my head and explode in a symphony of wit, charm and originality. I sit there and think about how I can describe an event, gradually changing each line to make it sound better. This is particularly true on those evenings when I treat myself to a spliff. My imagination runs wild and I promise myself that come next morning I will put all these wonderful thoughts on my blog.Yet, when I actually sit down to write, my mind goes blank. All my exiting ideas disappear as though they were rain drops in the midday sun. The few thoughts I come up with are bland and recycled, my ideas boring and shallow. Even as I start to write, those few surviving ideas get mangled beyond recognition. I express them chaotically, with no logical order, and precious little humor. The beautiful river of imagination which only scant hours before was rushing through my mind has turned in to an insignificant trickle that barely wets the parched earth it runs across.