Friday, September 09, 2005

Thank God (and his noodly appendages) that it is Friday!

Thank god it is Friday! This week has seemed particularly long and painful. I still have a couple of hours left in the office but then the weekend starts.
Haven’t really planned anything specific yet but will surely end up doing something. Actually, talked to Soraya (the escort / stripper from cocodrilo) today and she told me that she is leaving for Pinamar tomorrow and wants to see my new flat before she goes. Seeing as it is Friday she probably has to go work tonight but was thinking of telling her to pass by after dinner.
Later might go clubbing. In effect am undecided. I have been invited by some friends which are going to a Brazilian club called Devenir (in Palermo Hollywood) and by some others who are going to Mint (Costanera Norte). The latter is a more or less posh club (35 peso entrance!) very similar to Opera Bay (see related post). The first is, on the other hand, a much seedier Brazilian bar and is often full of quite a few strange people. Last time I went there was a really camp bloke from San Pablo with tight trousers and a rolled up t-shirt who kept coming on to me and dancing provocatively next to me. It reminded me of a story that an American friend was telling me the other day. He is an ex Amish from some redneck state who lives here in Buenos Aires, studying Spanish. The other day he was in some club and this stunning blonde comes up to him while he is dancing and starts rubbing herself all over him. He, obviously, is quite pleased but also a little surprised. Furthermore there is something strange about this girl but he can’t quite put his finger on what. He is quite drunk so decides to ask some friends of his, what they think, taking advantage of the fact that the girl has gone to get a drink. Unsurprisingly his friends tell him that the girl, in effect, is anything but. Sickened by the discovery he decides to leave the go home. He leaves the club, gets in to a taxi and suddenly realizes that the “girl” has stolen his wallet and cell phone! I am sure his ex Amish companions would be able to come up with a fitting “serves him right” condemnation.


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