Monday, October 03, 2005

Childhood Madness

I am walking down the street towards my house. I had to stay behind after school in detention so I am late. The last rays of sun pierce the twilight wrapped around me and the wind is starting to pick up. The street is empty and the only other movement is the last of the autumn leaves dancing around in the wind. I want to get home before the darkness envelops everything and I start to walk a little faster. The wind starts to howl a little louder and a shiver runs down my back like a trickle of icy water. The strap on my school bag digs in to my shoulder painfully reminding me of all the homework I will avoid doing tonight. I start walking even faster as a first raindrop hits the pavement and explodes in a festival of liquid shrapnel. I spot my house in the distance as several other raindrops follow their brother in a futile attempt to storm the approaching earth. As the world around me turns in to a watery version of the Normandy landings I walk up in to my driveway. My arm extends, fingertips looking for the door and, already looking forward to a warm shower and a change of clothes, I glance one last time behind me in to the swirling rain. My arm freezes, fingertips dying in mid bloom, and I stop, raindrops flowing down my face, to watch.I stare, riveted, at the spectacle of millions of raindrops swirling and falling from the dark heavens above. The wind whips them up, throwing them across the skies like confetti. Patterns arise from the confusion and, like birds flocking in the skies, the water dances through the darkness above. The beauty of the dance smothers me and I can no longer move, no longer breath. Awe explodes in to my head with blinding pain and I feel as though I will loose myself in the chasm of grace that has opened itself up in front of me. Lightning tears the skies in half and the whole magnificence of the scene comes to light. Water streams down my face and back, shivers raping my body with convulsions. I feel dizzy and struggle to stay upright and then, suddenly, I blink and everything goes back to normal. The rain outside no longer looks beautiful but simply wet and cold. I notice I am shivering and my clothes and bag are soaked. I turn round, wrench my front door open and, taking a step, embrace the loving warmth inside


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