Tuesday, October 04, 2005

La Tigre e la Neva di Roberto Benigni

On a shallower note I would like to comment on the pleasant fact that Roberto Benigni (Il Mostro, Johnny Stecchino, La Vita é Bella etc..) is about to release his new film: La Tigre e la Neve (The tiger and the snow)

The film is the story about a hopelessly lovestruck Benigni who travels to modern day Iraq to find the woman he loves who has been injured while interviewing an Iraqi poet on who she is writing a biography. All this as “Allied” soldiers patrol the streets and the Iraqi resistance blow up innocent civilians.

“With Art and films one cannot save the world: they are only useful in order to distract and bring a little pleasure. I only wanted to tell the story of a small man who, with his fly swatter and his barber stool (the only “weapons” the main character brings with him to Iraq) fights his war for love, as around him soldiers fight theirs”


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