Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A little vision of hell.

Today was one of those days were the upcoming summer decides to try and asphyxiate everyone with its warm and damp embrace. I walked out of my house this morning in my suit and tie and by the time I got to the first corner I was already drenched in sweat. I walked to the subte station and waited for a drain, which arrived packed to capacity. I used my shoulder as a lever and managed to push and shove until I managed to get most of my body in to the carriage. I thought it couldn’t get any fuller until another three people managed to jam themselves in behind me. As the doors closed I heard a collective gasp and the train started moving. The heat was getting stronger and stronger every minute. I felt like a sardine in a sauna. Beads of sweat kept running down my forehead and launching themselves off my nose like a bungee jumper causing me an unpleasant tickling sensation. I would have liked to wipe my forehead but both my arms were inexorably blocked by the press. One of my arms was especially bothering me as it was glued to the backside of a particularly fat and ugly middle aged woman. She seemed quite pleased about it but I was trying to ignore the unpleasantly soft and damp flesh pressed against my skin. Fortunately I totally forgot about the hand the instant that the even fatter man behind me shifted his weight and embraced me from behind. I could feel his tremendously flabby gut surround my back and, what I can only hope was his wallet, press against by ass. The drops freefalling off my nose gradually turned in to a mountain stream and then in to a full blown rushing river, my twisted leg started cramping painfully due to the fact that it was supporting at least half a dozen panting bodies and the smell of unwashed humanity was starting to make my eyes water. As a small child started to wail uncontrollably further down the carriage, the train suddenly braked and a wall of alarmed people smashed me against te plastic side doors. I remember thinking in that instant: “give me an eternity of fire and brimstone any day over an eternity of this.”


Blogger Sheila said...

What a fantastic start to your day!

Perhaps the woman you were pressed against all day had been needing the feel of a human body (not in a sexual way, just in one of those "I am not alone on the planet" sort of ways). If that was the case, then you served a purpose, and life is not as irrelevant as you question in "The Scream" post.

As a side-note: I just noticed you are a lowly insect! Congratulations! Insects are one of my favourite groups of organisms.

3:55 pm  
Blogger quel said...

Great description. I felt every bit of heated moisture coming out of that story.

I feel like I need a shower now.

5:24 pm  
Blogger tombrad said...

Hahaha! hope that it was **only** the fat guys wallet!!, they better put a sign at the subway entrance
As dantes inferno, those are the deligths to live in a big city

5:25 pm  
Blogger Wonko the Sad Clown said...

All who enter leave all hope :)

12:34 pm  

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