Monday, October 31, 2005

Pirates and flying hair

To be honest not much in the mood for writing. Not much in the mood for anything recently. Can’t work, can’t eat, can’t sleep. Have thrown myself in to a pseudo catatonic state in which I don’t care about anything. Even two normally hysterical things today didn’t really make me feel any better.
First of all I saw an old man today loose his wig. He walked incautiously underneath the train’s air-vent and his hair just flew off and skidded to a stop scant meters from my foot. I was feeling so apathetic that I didn’t even laugh at him.
Then I get to the office and am greeted by my boss in a pirate outfit. Well, he didn’t actually have a wooden leg and a parrot on his shoulder. He was, however, sporting a large patch on his left eye. Apparently he had a little accident involving his wife, a fork, and a chair which nearly caused him to loose his eye. On Friday, tired and distracted he sat down to dinner too quickly and got stabbed by his wife who was walking past with a fork in her hand. I must admit that the mental image of my boss running around in circles, screaming hysterically and with a fork sticking out of his eye, did make me briefly smile. However, scant minutes later I had already stopped laughing while normally I would have had to have a quit lie down just so as to stop laughing.


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