Thursday, November 03, 2005

CIA torture camps in Eastern Europe

Today we received the happy news that the CIA has set up torture camps in eastern Europe were they can keep Muslim prisoners without worrying about international law. Several newspapers carried this item, including this article in the Guardian and one on the Italian daily, Il Corriere.
The European commission is set to investigate these claims that the CIA is holding al-Qaida captives at Soviet era compounds in Eastern Europe seeing as the secret jails would violate European human rights law prohibiting unlawful detention.
Poland and Romania are thought the most likely locations in Europe while Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria have denied involvement. The Czech interior minister, Frantiszek Bublan, said the US had approached Prague to build a camp but the request was turned down.
As usual I am not even surprised by how barbaric and immoral US foreign policy has become nor by how weak and degrading our foreign policy is


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