Monday, December 05, 2005

Field Day

Well, I have managed to recuperate enough to manage to write about the Thursday so here goes…

My day started the instant my alarm started screaming at 5:30 in the bloody morning. I got up to shower and immediately regretted those beers the night before, but decided to soldier on and washed and dressed got to the office at 7 as planned to catch the buses that would bring us to the country club. Of course the same people who had made us promise not to be late informed us that the buses would leave at 8.

I got to Hurlingham (very Argentinean name!) at ten to nine and rushed to the football fields were I had foolishly agreed to play football the night before. What followed was a grave disgrace for myself, my country and football in general. I managed to last about twenty minutes (a couple of runs down the wing, a dirty foul and a missed shot) and then shattered in to a million wheezing pieces and was forced to sit down for a rest.

The county club was huge with golf courses, tennis courts and dozens of games and sports. I strolled around for a while saying hello to the 1,600 colleagues which had come (how many girls I had never seen before!). By eleven I was getting bored and so decided to take advantage of the open bar and ordered a rum and peach. This, I think, was my first mistake.

I kept drinking steadily until we were called for lunch in the main tent. The sight of one and a half thousand people sitting down to lunch was impressive but not as impressive as the huge amounts of wine and champagne put out for us. The firm had hired a famous Argentinean comedian which gave out prizes and made jokes but, seeing as I didn’t have the slightest idea who he was, I concentrated on putting a big dent in the wine stocks.

After lunch, I had planned to sit underneath a tree and sleep, but was informed that a famous rock band called kapanga would be playing and which actually proved to be really good. I found myself in the middle of about five hundred sweating colleagues going mad dancing out of control. Half an hour later I had lost my shirt, was soaked in champagne and realized I was screaming unknown Argentinean lyrics at the top of my voice.

The day continued thus, I spent the afternoon drinking rum and chasing pretty young secretaries. I foolishly forgot to put any cream on and avoided the shade so that by the end of the day not only was I stinking drunk, I had also a severe sun stroke.

I got home around ten ready to crawl in to bed but was interrupted by a phone call from Nancy who had just passed an exam and wanted to celebrate. I met her downstairs, we entered a bar and was forced to order more rum! Urgh. Don’t think I will be touching the stuff again any time soon!


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