Monday, December 19, 2005

Greek civil servants and missed opportunities

Well, on Friday I left Nancy, I took her out for dinner and explained that it would be better if we were only friends. She took it quite well (too well for my manly pride! Jeje) and we decided to stay friends.
I then had the pleasure of going out alone with four girls. I called several friends who all refused to join me for various reasons and thus had to sacrifice myself and go out with all four. Ended up drinking seven negroni (which is always a very very bad idea) but managed to get home without too much embarrassment.
On Sunday someone kept calling me but I did not recognize the number so didn’t answer. I kept wondering why Cristela wasn’t calling me. Obviously it turns out that it was her who wanted to come over and I, the fool, didn’t answer.
I am sorry about today’s dreadful post but had a couple of spliffs yesterday (a friend came over in the evening) and today I am as slow as a Greek civil servant.


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