Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Monday night at the cocco

Last night was definitely a night worth writing about. Two friends of my cousins from Italy are in town and I have been officially told I have to make sure they have a good time. I met them last night and they informed me that what they really wanted was to go to a night club and get some girls. I, thus, decided to bring them to the Cocodrilo (see link).

We got to the nightclub around midnight and even though it was a Monday night the place was surprisingly full. I grabbed three good looking girls and invited them to our table. One was supposed to be mine and the other two were for the Italians. We spent an hour or so chatting, I took care of the “negotiations” and we were ready to head off home. It was then that, suddenly, one of the Italians informed us that he actually wasn’t in the mood and that he was going to go home. This meant that we were two blokes stuck with three girls.

Obviously I decide to sacrifice myself and decided to bring two girls home with me. Thus we set off, me a blonde and a brunette and arrived home a little later.
I won’t go in to details but I can tell you that the sight of two stunning girls in my mirror was very pleasant.

Got to the office this morning, exhausted but quite happy. All I have to do now is manage to survive several meetings and then I will be able to go home and rest.

It is the little things in life which make you smile and feel contented.


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"la vida nos exige sacrificios"

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