Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stupid bloody xmas shopping!

I bloody hate Christmas!! It seems such a stupid and meaningless holiday.

Apart from the fact that the whole thing is based on a blatant lie. It used to be a holiday about the middle of winter, the period in which the days finally stopped getting shorter and started to lengthen. It was a celebration of life commencing anew, about hope and the beginning of the end of the cold, hard days of winter. It was a holiday about the smell of snow, deep forests and a yearning for spring.

Then the bloody Christians came along and decided to steal it. In brilliant tradition they thought that if they just changed the details and left most of it the same, people would simply swallow the whole thing and forget the point. And, of course, they were right. People started thinking Christmas was actually a celebration of Christ’s birthday (which should actually be some time in august if the dates in the bible aren’t simply made up). The masses celebrated the Virgin Mary’s “miraculous conception” (yeah bollocks! She was sleeping around with the milkman, Josef! Deal with it!) and how the three bloody mages brought him gifts. Once again typical of the church which would rather die than give something away for free and would much rather receive. It got turned in to a sordid religious ordeal were people repeated meaningless platitudes about love and respect (while at the same time burning witches on the stake and persecuting any who complained!).

Then, bloody consumerist capitalism turns up and the whole thing definitely goes pear shaped. It becomes the celebration of expensive gifts. We are made to buy stupid, overpriced gifts for the people we care about. Now, I have nothing against buying gifts but it has to be a spontaneous desire to surprise someone with something interesting or useful or pretty not a dreary trawling of shops looking for something, oh please just anything, which they might like. All those bloody shoppers and stupid decorations (here in the southern hemisphere it is summer and bloody hot, what the fuck are reindeers and fat men in red ski suits doing on the street?) just make me feel even more pissed off with the whole affair.
Anyway, as you can see, I have been doing some Christmas shopping recently and it has made me a bit nervous. Give me an august week of hot languid days sleeping on the beach over this any time.


Blogger quel said...

some tips:

1. ask what they want, then get that. easy and no mistakes.
2. buy on ebay or just online.
3. drink a lot, everyday.
4. forced shopping does suck.
5. drink a lot, everyday.

8:08 pm  
Blogger Wonko the Sad Clown said...

Managed to buy all my presents!! :)

5:52 pm  
Blogger tombrad said...

Much better do not buy nothing at all "It is more blessed to receive than give" It is wrote in the bible, I saw it...

1:30 pm  

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