Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Quick departures

The day I left for Italy was quite a funny day. At the time I didn’t know yet I was going to leave and was trying to cope with a blinding hangover. After a day at the office I got home and all I wanted was to go to sleep. However a friend called who wanted to go out for dinner so I accepted to meet her at my house at ten. I showered, shaved and was ready at ten to ten. Seeing as I had a bit of time I decided to check at what time my flight, two days later, would leave.
I take out the ticket and suddenly realize that the plane leaves the same day at 11:30. I look at my watch and panic. I manage to grab my passport and ticket, put on a coat, run downstairs and jump in to a taxi. What follows seems a scene out of that film "taxi" in which I tell the driver that if he can get me to the airport in time I will give him a huge tip. I get to the airport and for the first time in my life thank the gods that my flight is delayed.
Fourteen hours later I get to Rome with no money, no cell phone, no telephone numbers and no one there to pick me up. I manage to beg a couple of euros off my fellow passengers and start calling around. Obviously no one is home and I cant get in touch with anyone. After a couple of hours I manage to get home, ring on the doorbell, and I am greeted by my whole family, luggage in hand ready to leave for the countryside. Half an hour later and I would have been forced to sleep in the street!


Blogger tombrad said...

an ITALIAN trip!!!!
italians may drove you angry, crazy or whatever, but NEVER bored

7:49 pm  

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