Friday, January 13, 2006

Two books

I have been reading quite a bit recently and, in particular, read two very pleasant books recently.

The first on is by Baricco, a rather famous Italian contempory writer author of Oceano Mare and Seta amongst others. I cant actually remember what the book is called (hehe) buut it is his most recent one. The story is about a child called Ultimo (the last one) who grows up with the passion for car racing and is similar to Bariccos earlier works as it is simply writen yet quite deep and emational. It contains some very nice lines.

The second book is called "City of K Trilogy" and was written by a Hungarian called Agoto Kristoff. It is the story of a pair of twins somewhere in eastern europe which, during the war, go and live with their grandmother in the countryside. Full of twists and surprises this bok is definately worth reading


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