Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Te extraño

It is incredible how much you can miss someone. Someone you have grown used to, someone who has shared your life and suddenly dissapears. Actually, in this case, not so suddenly. Day by day slowly growing ever more distant until one day you are left only with memories, echoes, shadows.
It is incredible how it actually hurts physically, how your body screams in protest due to this deprivation. It is like, in high summer, when palgued by thirst, one can only think of a glass of cold, fresh water. The image thrusts itself in to your mind, driving you insane.
It is like a drug in a way. Your body, used to having a certain person near, finds itself craving madly for that person. You pass the first couple of days fine, as though in shock, and then it hits you.... la extraño. I miss her so bloody much